We, Sri Lanka Business Directory, are glad to offer a unique, reliable and customized service to diversified business organizations who are interested to advertise their products, services or any other form of market offerings to their customer base spread both locally and internationally. This digitalized service provides a productive platform for you to interconnect with your customers and prospectus while maintaining a healthy relationship that is embedded with integrity, flexibility and trust.

We seek to become a marketing partner with our clients. We desire to measure success for our clients through awareness, increased sales, or other criteria mutually agreed upon between the agency and the clients.

To our employees, our most important resource, we offer:

A healthy, enjoyable, exciting, and motivational work atmosphere empowers individuals to take on responsibility, develop and present ideas, educate themselves and others, and use their talents and abilities to their fullest capacity.
We will continually promote teamwork, quality improvement, and excellence in all phases of business.
This environment is upheld and promoted by open and direct communication, availability of information resources, and an organizational-wide commitment to motivating employees to reach their maximum potential in everything they do.

To our clients, we offer:
A professional marketing system that provides the highest standards of quality and efficiency where service, creativity, reliability, and integrity are the hallmarks of every aspect of our work.
Our effort is to ensure that we are satisfying the client’s needs and providing strategically targeted materials and the ability to produce superior results. Through creative thinking and strategic planning, we will reach the marketing objectives of our clients.

We are pleased to invite you to gain the benefit of this unique, user-friendly and reliable service for a reasonable fare with an attractive reach.
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